1853 July Letter to P. W. Conover


1853 July Letter to P. W. Conover


Orders to follow instructions from Col. George A. Smith. First Military District also instructed to protect settlements and grain.


Nauvoo Legion
Indian Affairs


Brigham Young
Daniel H. Wells


P.W. Conover




Great Salt Lake City

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Nauvoo Legion

Nauvoo Legion 
Great Salt Lake City  July 1853 
Col. P. W. Conover  

Dear Sir 

Your  Express per William Harris arrived half past Seven this morning by which we learn that you have returned to your post in First Military District. 

Col. George A. Smith has received orders and been assigned to the Command of the Southern Department  of the Nauvoo Legion with full instructions and power to  do whatever may be necessary for the protection of [the] Settlements. 

We consider that if the people will only go to work, and fulfill the orders and instructions that they have received, that they will [be] abundantly able to protect themselves.Your forces are now needed in your District to carry out your orders and instructions, and taking care of your grain. 

We fully approve of your proceedings so far as we understand them, and wish that you would aid Col. Geo. A. Smith as he shall direct.  If we should say more it would be to reiterate what we have already said. 

We shall not send out any additional force at present, considering that the force from   [?] Evans command to Fillmore under Capt. Willis and the Detachment under Captn. Whipple to Sanpete, will be sufficient  we do not think it necessary for you to send any men to Nephi or Manti 

We have advised [illegible] and First Military District the Indians in both  [illegible] are peaceable and do not seem disposed to you [illegible] keep a good look out, and be on [illegible] that may  be made, as we also aim [iillegible] 

We expect a [illegible] and cannot conceive why he did not [loss] 

At all times be [illegible] taking care of the grain and [illegible] of the inhabitants. 


signed Brigham Young 

Governor & Es-Officio Supt. of Indian 
Affairs Utah Territory 

Daniel H. Wells 
Lieut-Genl. Commanding Nauvoo 


P. S.                                                

George A Smith was instructed to go immediately and visit the Indians in Provo Kanyon, and use them as friend spies ,runners, etc. and then return and visit [illegible] why he should so long have delayed we cannot imagine, of all things we like energy and dispatch in such matters especially at such times