1860 March 22 Letter to William H. Hooper


1860 March 22 Letter to William H. Hooper


A request to seek payment on a draft which will help pay for a paper machine. No papers were received through the mail. The probate court convicted two men.




[Brigham Young ]


William H. Hooper


1860 March 22


Great Salt Lake City
Washington, D. C.

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Financial Matters

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G.S.L. City, March 22, 1860.

Hon. W.H. Hooper, M.C.,
Washington, D.C.

Dear Brother:-This week's mail brought no letter from you, but as br. Charles Robbins starts with the mail in the morning, to assist his father across the plains, I improve so safe an opportunity for sending.

You are advised of my desire and efforts to purchase and import a paper machine this season, but money is very scarce, and I may not be able to make up the full amount in time to send it by br. William J. Silver, who will start from here in about a week; to purchase the machine and attend to a few other business matters.

Br. Howard Egan has given me a draft on Mr. Chorpening, the Mail contractor, for $500.00, payable to you, and has addressed a letter to him upon the Subject. Br. Robbins will also take that letter, that it may be in readiness in case he meets Mr. Charpening on his way here, and he gave an opportunity to arrange for its payment. Should he still be in the States, upon the arrival of br. Robbins or br. Silver, I would be pleased to have him honor the draft upon its maturity, or at least by the time that br. Silver may wish to use the funds, for that amount is designed to be used in purchasing the machine.

An Agent, who came through to stock the line for the "poney Express," brought in advance the letter mail due this week, arriving on the 13th inst., one day after last week's mail, but brought only two newspapers which were at once sent to Camp Floyd. This week's mail, of course, brought no letters, so far as I know, but it also brought no papers, that I have seen, of later date than we received last week. Perhaps they left the latest dates sack to accommodate some readers on the route; at all events we are no wiser than a week ago concerning the sayings and doings of the magnates of our nation. (Whether this mode of mail carrying has left us seriously behind in information concerning important transpiring events, you can best determine; though we strongly presume that it has not.

Still no word here as to when or how many troops are to be removed, but rumors indicate that Camp Floyd is anticipating a speedy and very welcome change from an inactive condition to a more pleasant localities beyond our borders.

The Probate Court in this County is holding a regular term, and has already tried, convicted, and sent to the penetentiary C. Allan Huntington and Moroni Clawson for larceny. the former for one year, and the latter for 18 months; and I understand that some others are indicated for the same offence, to be tried during the present term. Thus you perceive, as all are aware who know the facts, that thieves and other law-breakers can be and are readily indicted arrested, tried, and punished, when there are no chief and Associate Justices to interfere in their behalf.