1860 March 23 Letter to Edward Hunter


1860 March 23 Letter to Edward Hunter


Brigham seeks teamsters, wagons and yoke to assist the emigration. Some compensations will be given in tithing labor.




Brigham Young


Edward Hunter


1860 March 23


Great Salt Lake City


Live Stock

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G.S.L. City, March 23, 1860.

Bishop Edward Hunter,

Dear Brother:-To facilitate our freighting and largely increase the number of our immigration with the least expenditure of money, we purpose sending an ox train to Florence this season, it will start so soon as the snow in the mountains will permit, say from the middle to the latter part of april.

The Church will send quite a number of cattle and wagons, but can not furnish so many, of the right kind, as are really needed. For this reason I wish you to proceed at once to engage from various Bishops 45 yoke of cattle, and 15 wagons capable of carrying about 3000 pounds, with a teamster to each wagon. So far as practicable, we much prefer to have valley raised cattle, as they will best endure the trip; and wish all the cattle sufficiently well broke to be fit for the road.

Whoever assists in this matter will be allowed a fair compensation on labor tithing, say, where they take flour part way down, to cents <dollars> a hundred down and 10 cents <dollars> back. This we trust will be a sufficient inducement, for it will not only compensate them for their services, but will do so in a manner that will at the same time enable them to pay their labor tithing in a way highly beneficial to the cause in which we are engaged, for which they will also receive additional reward from Him who seeth in secret but rewardeth openly.

Your Brother in the Gospel.

Brigham Young