1860 March 26 Letter to John Pack


1860 March 26 Letter to John Pack


A request for Pack to provide support for his mother.




Brigham Young


John Pack


1860 March 26


Great Salt Lake City



Item sets


G.S.L. City, March 26, 1860.

Elder John Pack,

Dear Brother:-Br. Udney H. Jacobs, through age and infirmity, has more than his hands full to provide for his own wants; for which reason, and that the tithing may not be burdened to assist the destitute who have relatives to aid them, and that you may properly attend to a duty which we deem so immediately concern you far more than any other person, we wish you to at once furnish your mother with such necessary articles as she may be in immediate need of for her comfortable support, and continue so to do, from time to time, as may be necessary and proper.

Your attention to this matter, as above, will not only be in strict keeping with your profession and calling in the Church and kingdom of our God, and in strict accordance with the fair operation of the implanted and correctly taught principles that should govern children in their treatment to parents, but will tend to strengthen your faith and enlighten your understanding in relation to other duties and labors, and to sooth your path in life as well as that of your mother. You will more particularly realize the wisdom of the course now advised should you live to be aged and helpless, and a little assistance from your abundance will smooth the pathway of the few remaining years of your Mother, and afford a highly satisfactory retrospect to yourself in after life -- an example to which you can refer your own offspring as one which should characterize all children in their conduct towards their parents.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young Sen.