1860 March 29 Letter to Stephen Markham


1860 March 29 Letter to Stephen Markham


If Sarah Ogden's statement is correct Markham should standby the financial deal he made.




[Brigham Young]


Stephen Markham


1860 March 29


Great Salt Lake City
Spanish Fork, U. T.


Financial Matters
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G.S.L. City, March 29. 1860.

Col, Stephen Markham,
Spanish Fork, U.T.,

Dear Brother:-Sister Sarah Ogden states to me that you engaged her son last Fall to haul a load of salt from here to your place, and bring back a load of wheat. While her son was at your place, and, as he says, by your advice, he turned his mothers cattle into the big field there. He returned with a horse which he said you sold to him for sixty dollars, to be paid in shoes. The son got the shoes ready and went to your place to get the cattle, and to learn whether you would have the shoes sent there or delivered here, when, to his great surprise, you told him that you had sold the cattle, and did not want the shoes.

This is Sister Ogden's statement of the case, which, if correct, places your conduct in the matter in a rather unfavorable light. For this reason I now write to you, and wish you to at once proceed and do right in regard to the cattle and the horse and shoe trade; or, in other words, do as you would wish a man of years and experience, under like circumstances, to do with an inexperienced son of yours, whose widowed mother, after your decease, was struggling for an honest livelihood. Your earliest and just attention to this matter will oblige,

Your Brother in the Gospel.