1860 March 29 Letter to A. Calkin


1860 March 29 Letter to A. Calkin


A notice on drafts drawn for the emigration of two individuals. The brethren are not to ask money from the people.




Brigham Young


Asa Calkin


1860 March 29


Great Salt Lake City
Liverpool, England

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G.S.L. City, March 29. 1860

Pres. A. Calkin,
42 Islington Liverpool, England,

Dear Brother:-This week's mail, arriving on the 27th inst. brought no letter from you, but a letter each from br's Hooper and Cannon, bearing date Feb. 27. They were both well, and enjoying as good spirits as could be expected in the locality where they are laboring.

I have drawn upon you draft 162, for £<25>.0.0, favor of David Gordon Ross, Sheffield, England, to be paid when he is ready to emigrate. If in time for this season's emigration, please inform him at once when it will be necessary for him and his family to be in Liverpool in readiness to go on board ship.

I have also drawn upon you draft 163, for £8.0.0, in favor of Lucy Brunyer, Chesterfield, near Liverpool, to be paid to her when she is ready to emigrate. I wish you to advise her at once that the way has opened for her to emigrate this season; and please take immediate steps to forward her to Florence as early as practicable. Our teams will probably leave there as late as July 20, and if she is there on or before their departure she will be brought through in their company.

Affairs as to Camp Floyd, trade, money matters, &c., &c., remain as at last advices.

As previously advised, whenever you wish to start for Utah you are at liberty to leave br's Jacob Gates and N.V. Jones in charge until the arrival of Elders Lyman and Rich.

Please bear in mind not to gouge the brethren, nor suffer the Elders to gouge them. If it is money any one is after, please inform him that I am for better off in temporal affairs than I would have been if I had gouged the people, and certainly much better off in my faith and feelings.

Your family are well. May God bless you.

Your Brother in the Gospel,