1860 March 30 Letter to Henry H. French


1860 March 30 Letter to Henry H. French


Brigham is grateful for the warning about Captain Gibson but does not feel that he has been deceived by him.




Brigham Young


Henry H. French


1860 March 30


Great Salt Lake City
Provo, U. T.



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G.S.L. City, March 30. 1860.
Mr. Henry H. French,
Provo, U.T.,

Dear Sir:
Please accept my thanks for your letter of the 7 inst, for I have no reason to presume, from its tenor and tone, but that it was written in the spirit it possesses.

You state that you have been deceived by Cap. Gibson; I have not, nor do I expect to be.

I am not aware of any movement here for preaching or colonizing in the East Indian Archipelago, and have no thought of either purchasing or chartering a vessel for any such purpose.

Whether Cap. Gibson will prove true in the pathway of duty and good citizenship is in the future, and is a matter entirely in his own hands. We strive to do right, and to teach, encourage, and assist others in doing so; but each intelligent human being is his own agent to choose and do either good or evil, and will be held responsible for his choice and course in life.

In accordance with our faith and our general treatment towards strangers, we received and have thus far treated Cap. Gibson with kindness, as we do and ever have all who come here and conduct themselves with propriety, and hope that he will be sufficiently wise to faithfully and steadily adhere to a truly commendable line of conduct.

Again thanking you for your well meant caution. I remain,


Brigham Young