1860 April 9 Letter to George Beebee


1860 April 9 Letter to George Beebee


Brigham proposes a business deal that would help meet the needs of overland travelers.




1860 April 9


George Beebee


1860 April 9


Great Salt Lake City


Business Matters

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Great Salt Lake City April 9, 1860

Geo. Beebee

Dear Brother
I contemplate sending a drove of Horses to the states some time during the summer. If I do it is my intention to winter them on the frontier in the neighborhood of your former residence so that they may be in good order and at hand to meet the wants of the overland Emigration or such others as may wish to purchase. Should the Experiment prove satisfactory I thought of sending a drove each year. In order to carry out my design it will be necessary to engage some person to winter the Horses, giving all the necessary care and attention to them that will insure their good order and safe delivery in the spring

In connection with the Wintering of the animals it will be necessary to have them handled and broke to the saddle & Harness, also to attend to the selling of them, receiving and accounting for the funds &c. Now you are pretty well acquainted with that country and the cost of Hay, Corn and shelter, and what will you agree to winter a drove of from 50 to 100 head of Horses for per head. Or How would you like to undertake to the entire matter, Wintering, Breaking, and selling. This is mearly for your consideration, and on seeing you, we can talk the matter over more in detail

Brigham Young