1960 April 12 Letter to Horace S. Eldredge


1960 April 12 Letter to Horace S. Eldredge


A bill of articles is to be filled and details are given on finances. The troops are to remove to the States which may curb the illegal activity by Judge Eckles and others.




Brigham Young


Horace S. Eldredge


1960 April 12


Great Salt Lake City
St Louis Mo.

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Business Matters
Financial Matters

G.S.L. City, April 12. 1860

Elder H.S. Eldredge,
St Louis Mo.

Dear Brother:-As no doubt is the case with yourself ere this, there are a few items not thought of until after your departure, and one or two that I was not aware of at the time you started. To supply oversights, and to so add to your duties that, you may not find time to hang idly upon your hands, I herein inclose a bill of articles which I wish you to fill.

Now to help you a little, by way of offset, in the other hand, I have to inform you that, in accordance with Br. Daniel Spencer's request, I have advised br. A. Calkin to pay to you £288.0. more or less, collected by him from the Tennant Estate. Of that sum br Spencer wishes $600 expended to fill bills he will forward to you, and the balance he has loaned to me to be used by you in payment of my bills. I trust you will receive the above named sum from br Calkin, as it will assist you and accommodate br Spencer and myself. Without doubt I shall receive $500 promised to me by br Homer, which I will send by br. Joseph W. Young or by br. Woolley.

The "Poney Express" arrived on the 9th inst,, in five hours less than six days, which is doing very well for the first trip and time of year.

Judge Eccles lately came from Camp Floyd to this City, out of his District, issued a habeas corpus writ for the five thieves recently sent to the Penitentiary by the Probate Court, directed it to the Warden, made it returnable at Camp Floyd, placed it in the hands of Thomas J. Wheeler, a brother of one of the prisoners, and directly left for Camp Floyd. The writ was promptly complied with, and upon the arrival of the prisoners in Camp Cloyd they were at once set at liberty by Judge Eckles.

As you have doubtless already learned, orders have been issued for the early removal of all troops from Utah, except 10 Companies. This may have a tendency to check such high handed, illegal, oppressive, and unwarrantable proceedings as Judge Eckles and some others seem to delight in.

Presidents Kimball and Wells are improving in health, Your family and friends are well. The weather is pleasant, and affairs are moving in the right direction.

Please write as often and as fully as you wish, the oftener the better, and oblige,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

[signed Brigham Young]