1860 April 13 Letter to Warren S. Snow


1860 April 13 Letter to Warren S. Snow


Brigham disposed of his sheep and has little wool to assist Cherezade Averitt. Elizabeth Jones may lease land for a crop. The ox train will leave the 1st of May.




Brigham Young


Warren S. Snow


1860 April 13


Great Salt Lake City
Manti, Sanpete County, U. T.


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Missionary Work

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G.S.L. City, April 13. 1860.

Bishop Warren S. Snow,
Manti, Sanpete Co., U.T.

Dear Brother: I have letters before me from Sisters Cherezade Averitt and Elizabeth
Jones (Tuttle). Sister Averitt desires me to furnish her some wool to work upon shares, and I wish you to inform her that I have disposed of all my sheep, and of course have no wool except the share I receive from my carding machines. Still, if she cannot procure from the wool raisers what wool she may need, I will endeavor to assist her to some, if I can make my share reach so far besides my other engagements.

If you have not already rented out all my tillable land, you are at liberty to lease some of it to Sis. E. Jones (Tuttle) to raise a crop on this season. I also wish you to converse with her in relation to a bill of divorce, as she has applied for one, and let me know what you think best to be done about it.

The ox train company are to meet on the 23d inst., see that every thing is in order and, if not, supply deficiences, make necessary repairs, &c., and will start from here about the 1st of May. The missionaries will go with that train to the frontiers, thereby saving extra transportation.

Affairs are moving very favorably, and the health of Pres'ts Kimball and Wells is improving.

Your brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young