1860 April 18 Letter to B.F. Johnson


1860 April 18 Letter to B.F. Johnson


The quantity of wheat is small at Sanpete. Johnson may haul some from Fillmore.




Brigham Young


B.F. Johnson


1860 April 18


Great Salt Lake City
Santa Quin, U. T.


Busines Matters

Item sets

G.S.L. City, April 18, 1860.

Elder B.F. Johnson,
Santa Quin, U.T.,

Dear Brother:-- Your note of the 18th inst., is at hand, also yours of the 12th with an inclosed letter from your brother Joseph E. to yourself. Bishop W.S. Snow informed you correctly in relation to our wheat in Sanpete, and the conversation you report between br. J.A. Hollman and one of my clerk's I know nothing about, neither does it matter.

At the time I replied to your first letter about hauling wheat from Sanpete, I was under the impression that we had some fifteen thousand bushels of wheat there, but have since learned, as br. Snow informed you, that the quantity of wheat is so small that we are obliged to haul it ourselves.

You are <at> liberty to haul some wheat from Fillmore on the halves, if you choose
Regretting my inability to further accommodate you in this matter I remain,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young