1860 April 20 Letter to Nathan C. Tenney


1860 April 20 Letter to Nathan C. Tenney




Brigham Young


Nathan C. Tenney


1860 April 20


Great Salt Lake City
Grafton, U. T.

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G.S.L. City, April 20, 1860.

Elder Nathan C. Tenney,
Grafton, U.T.

Dear Brother_ In reply to your note of March 19, I have to inform you that I have a new and very excellent cotton carding machine, cards included, which I am ready to sell to you for cost and carriage, which amount to $962.50, provided you are prepared to pay me the money when you come for the machine. Your region of country is where the cotton machinery should be concentrated, and the cotton should be distributed from there in manufactured articles, for which reason I am much pleased with your enquiry for machinery. I have done and am now doing so much to import machinery and promote homemanufacture, at a large outlay of cash which is very scarce here, that I am unable to sell you the machine, except as above named.

I have no spinning machine, but I understand that some hand spinning-jennies are being sent for, one or more of which are perhaps designed for your region. We are anxious to afford all the facilities in our power towards promoting raising and manufacturing cotton, and trust that the brethren will be in no way discouraged in so useful an enterprise.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young