1860 April 20 Letter to Elisha H. Groves


1860 April 20 Letter to Elisha H. Groves




Brigham Young


Elisha H. Groves


1860 April 20


Great Salt Lake City
Fort Harmony, Washington County, U. T.

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G.S.L. City, April 20, 1860.

Elder Elisha H. Groves,
Fort Harmony, Washington Co., U.T.,

Dear Brother:-- In relation to a letter from you and br's J.K. and J.G. Davies, April 1, I wish you and the brethren universally to have sufficient wisdom to use a sound judgement in such matters as you have written to me about. You are in the region written about, and should know best what course to take.

It is well to settle and improve the Country as rapidly as possible, but it should be done in a prudent and safe manner. Whoever, in a haste to get rich, or to imprudently better his condition, exposes women and children to being mas massacred must of right incur a large share of the sin of their lives being untimely destroyed.

Not knowing the locality you mention, nor the strength and nearness of the neighboring settlements, I can add no further suggestions, only that you rightly use the wisdom and Spirit you do or should enjoy.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young