1860 April 25 Letter to William Pyper


1860 April 25 Letter to William Pyper


Discussion on sending men to stay at Wood River, Laramie and Deer Creek Station to assist in the emigration.




Brigham Young


William Pyper


1860 April 25


Great Salt Lake City
Florence, N. T.

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G.S.L. City, April 25, 1860.

Elder William Pyper,
Florence, N.T.

Dear Brother:-- Safe places for depositing flour and leaving animals on the route of our immigration would be of much benefit, but past experience has demonstrated that we will not be permitted to effect this by making settlements at the suitable localities, for they have been and will be rooted up, under various pretexts. For this reason it has occurred to us that if families of the right kind, one at a station, could be found to settle at Wood river, near Laramie, and at Deer Creek, they might much facilitate and benefit our operations across the plains. I think a family will find settlements, or stations sufficiently strong at Wood River and Deer Creek, but how it may be near Laramie I am not informed; Elder Joseph W. Young, the bearer of this letter, can
inform you upon this point.

The families, whether two, or more, according to whether there may be a chance near Laramie or not, should be selected with a view to trustworthiness and an aptness to dwell and associate in neighborly usages with those who are not of our faith, without on the one hand making an unwise show of their profession and zeal nor on the other lapsing into indifference and losing the Spirit.

Should you know of a family answering the above discription that would like to settle for a while at the settlement on Wood river, another near Laramie if found practicable, and another at the Deer Creek station, I should be pleased to have you inform them that they can aid the cause as much by so doing, as in any other mode I am at present aware of. If you find but one family as above, I would prefer to have them stop at Deer Creek; if another, at Wood river; and if a third, near Laramie, if found practicable, as already mentioned. I should also be pleased to have whoever goes to one or more of the above named places, to be <at Wood River> on the spot, if possible, this Fall in time to prepare for winter, and to Deer Creek, as early next Spring as possible.

Upon further reflection it may be better to select, of the right kind, single men and men who can conveniently leave their families, to locate for a time as above specified, as in case of disturbance they could not be so easily nor seriously interrupted. Upon all the points herein presented, I wish you and Elder Joseph W. Young to consult freely, also with other faithful brethren of good judgement, and conclude accordingly, as the way may open.

Your attention to this matter will much oblige,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young