1860 April 29 Letter to George Peacock


1860 April 29 Letter to George Peacock


Mule teams are gathered to haul tithing wheat. The ox team and missionaries have left for the States.




Daniel H Wells


George Peacock


1860 April 29


Great Salt Lake City


Missionary Work

Great Salt Lake City. April 29. 1860

Geo. Peacock Esq

Dear bro.
Your note in relation to hauling wheat came per last mail but did not reach me in time to answer by its return. Wheat matters remain with us as when you were here, and the President thinks we had better haul it ourselves save what can be done on labor tithing. We are about starting come mule teams for that purpose. The missionaries and ox train to the States left on Friday last. Bros Lyman & Rich will go on Tuesday next, and intend to overtake them Bro Kimball is improving; he rode out to day the first time. I am much better and am slowly gaining my strength.

The President is well, and bro Geo A Smith is improving. All is well and peace prevails.

May God bless you; bro Warren, and all the faithful
Your bro in the Gospel of Christ.

Daniel H Wells