1860 may 8 Letter to Heman Hyde


1860 may 8 Letter to Heman Hyde


A request for Hyde to provide assistance to his son and daughter-in-law as required by his faith.




Brigham Young


Heman Hyde


1860 may 8


Great Salt Lake City



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G.S.L. City, May 8. 1860.

Elder Heman Hyde,
[unreadable] City,-

Dear Brother:-
You have been acquainted with me and observed my counsel for many years, and are probably aware that I have never called upon the Church for one cent towards supporting any of my relatives, and moreover have almost always sheltered, clothed, and fed more or less of the destitute who had no blood or marriage claim upon me.

Doubtless you are also aware that our faith requires us, to the utmost of our ability, to provide for the wants of those in any way connected to us, especially in the close relationship of parents and children.

Your son Charles has been married for some time, his wife had some property, and they have struggled, probably to the best of their ability, for a subsistence, but appear to be unable to provide for themselves assisted them?

How much have you and your two sons assisted them? Upon what righteous principle do you excuse yourselves for thus neglecting them, and casting them upon the charity of the public, or turning them over to burden the hands of the Bishops?

You are probably ready to ask what my counsel in this matter is to you and your two sons.

It is for you to at once provide comfortable shelter, food, and raiment for Charles and his wife, and continue so to do, as in duty bound, letting them assist therein according to their ability, and not so neglecting them as to cause them to appeal to others for the comforts of life.

In so doing you will not only do right, but will also be setting a goodly fatherly and brotherly example, and oblige,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young