1860 may 15 Letter to Dwight Eveleth


1860 may 15 Letter to Dwight Eveleth


Arrangements are made to avoid sending money by mail. Eveleth is asked to receive his endowments and to care for Saints moving to California. The military has begun its withdrawal.




Brigham Young


Dwight Eveleth


1860 may 15


Great Salt Lake City
San Francisco, California

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G.S.L. City, May 15. 1860.

Elder Dwight Eveleth,
San Francisco. Cal.,

Dear Brother:-

Yours of March 12 is at hand, and I am at last enabled to inform you that I have negotiated an exchange for the $300 tithing paid to you by br. James Munroe Ide. Br. William S. Godbe has dealings with Redington & Co., San Francisco. Cal., and has paid me $300, which he wishes applied on his indebtedness to them; consequently I wish you to pay Redington & Co., for William S. Godbe, the $300 paid to you by br. Ide, and take his receipt and forward it here, which will close that transaction. Br. Ide has been credited the above named amount in the General Tithing Office books.

I have addressed a letter to br. Gollaher upon the subject you mention in relation to him, and will inform you of the result. You did not write br. Gollaher's given name, and I addressed my letter, by guess, to Wm. C. Gollaher.

You are probably aware that br. Joseph Bull borrowed $500 from br. Meeder to pay for paper for the "News,' under the direction of Judge Elias Smith. I presume you are also aware that Judge Smith forwarded that amount to br. Meeder by a Mr. Cooper, who never paid it as agreed. Judge Smith informs me that br. Meeder did not wish the money forwarded by mail, nor by another irresponsible person, and I have advised him to deposit that amount in the General Tithing Office, subject to br. Meeder's order. I thought this arrangement would be the most satisfactory to br. Meeder that present circumstances would admit, and wish you to inform him of this arrangement, and that Judge Smith will deposit the amount to his credit with the Trustee in Trust, and expects to be able to do so soon. I presume Br. Meeder needs no assurance that all money deposited as above is perfectly safe, and is ready for transmission to his order by the first responsible opportunity, unless he should prefer to have it placed to his credit on the General Tithing Office books. Please learn from br. Meeder at your earliest convenience, what tithing he has paid, also what he wishes to pay.

If consistent with your business, I shall be much pleased to have you and that portion of your family belonging to the Church, or all if they wish, make us a visit this summer, and tarry long enough to give us an opportunity to confer such blessings upon you as we cannot do without your coming here. Your residing in California has been, is, and promises to be of much benefit to the cause in which we are engaged, as much so as any other locality I know of. Still, as just stated, if reasonably convenient for you to pay us a short visit, we would like to clothe you with additional blessings, that your power and influence for good may be increased. I certainly feel like blessing you, for you have blessed a great many of the poor Saints.

The fruit buds on peach trees were killed by the past winter's cold, and some of the old trees, the first failure of peaches since they began to bear; but the prospects are flattering for apples, strawberries, currants, and all the usual products of gardens and fields. Snow fell during the night of May 6-7, and was 6 inches deep on the morning of the 7th amply. It soon melted, moistening the ground On the night of May 11-12 snow fell so that it was over 12 inches deep on the morning of the 12th; frost on the mornings of the 13th & 14th, nipping tree leaves and killing beans, but on the whole the snow storms have been of great benefit.

On the 10th inst. The ordered-away-troops began to move in small detachments, and will probably continue rolling out as rapidly as marching distances of companies will permit.

Affairs are moving favorably to the cause of truth, and the plans of its enemies are constantly being overruled for good by Him who controls the results of the acts of men.

Some from here are travelling west this season, and will probably stop in Carson valley and in different places in California. Many of them do not feel to apostatize, and are pretty good men and intend to be, but are a little uneasy and desire a change of locality for a while.

Some have recommends from their Bishops as men who have paid their tithing, helped the poor, and been good citizens. I wish you, as far as convenient, to look after those going from here, if you become acquainted with them, and as much as in your power encourage them to do good, preserve their faith, and hold meetings whenever consistent.

They are mostly men who came here very poor, but have been blest in gathering property which seems to have bewildered them a little. As they again become reduced in this world's good,s, it is very probable that many of them will begin to more earnestly remember their God and strive to walk more closely in accordance with His requirements.

May God bless you.,
Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young