1860 May 15 Letter to E. R. Young


1860 May 15 Letter to E. R. Young


A request to hire more hands and run the carding machines day and night in order to get the wool processed in season.




Brigham Young


E. R. Young


1860 May 15


Great Salt Lake City


Business Matters

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G.S.L. City, May 15, 1860.

Elder E.R. Young,
[Unreadable] City,

Dear Brother:--

I understand that the quantity of wool exceeds that of last year by about double, while the carding machines have not increased in proportion.

I also learn that wool is rapidly accumulating on your hands, and the owners wish their rools in season to do their spinning and weaving in suitable weather.

For these reasons I wish you to at once employgood, efficient, responsible hands enough to run the two machines constantly night and day, and then enough hands, of the above description, to run the three machines in like manner, so soon as the third machine is ready to be put in operation.

This is the only method for making the business pay, for doing good work, accommodating the public, and giving satisfaction. If the above is immediately complied with, I shall be satisfied.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young