1860 May 21 Letter to Jacob G. Bigler


1860 May 21 Letter to Jacob G. Bigler


Brigham commends Bigler for adding tithing wheat to the Indian provisions and requests that the remaining wheat be forwarded.




Brigham Young


Jacob G. Bigler


1860 May 21


Great Salt Lake City
Nephi, Juab County, U. T.



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G.S.L. City, May 21st. 1860.

Bishop J.G. Bigler,
Nephi, Juab Co., U.T.

Dear Brother:-

You acted quite properly in adding tithing wheat to the provisions furnished by the brethren to destitute Indians, as I take it for granted that you exercised the proper discretion in so doing. Wheat is very scarce with us, and, in the hurry of the various operations employing our team force, it will accommodate us very materially if you will forward, as speedily as possible and on labor tithing, the tithing wheat now at your place. We shall send for the tithing wheat in your ward as fast as we can, but it occurred to us that some would like to benefit the cause and themselves by soon doing a little teaming on labor tithing, as herein requested.

Affairs here are moving favorably.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young