1860 May 30 Letter to William Smith


1860 May 30 Letter to William Smith


An invitation to accompany Brigham and others to Cache Valley.




Brigham Young


William Smith


1860 May 30


Great Salt Lake City
Centerville, Davis County, U. T.


Overland Travel

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G.S.L. City, May 30, 1860.

Bishop William Smith,
Centreville, Davis Co., U.T.

Dear Brother:--

Myself and a small company purpose taking an excursion to Cache Valley, &c.
occupy some twenty days. The trip will probably We expect to start from here on Monday next, June 4th, and to leave Bishop Allen Taylor's Ward on Tuesday morning, the 5th, Ogden City on Wednesday morning, the 6th, and Brigham City, on Thursday morning, the 7th.

Should it be consistent with your business arrangements and other duties, and agreeable to your feelings, I shall be pleased to have you accompany us, and such other brethren as you may wish to have in company.

Please say nothing concerning this matter, except to such as you may wish to invite, with a like injunction upon them, and oblige,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young

Copies of the above were sent to Bps Jn Stoker Wm. Smith, John W. Hess, Allen Taylor, Chauncy W. West, Lorenzo Snow