1860 June 1 Letter to Dwight Eveleth


1860 June 1 Letter to Dwight Eveleth


Details are given on financial matters, the military and Indian affairs. Eveleth is invited to return to Utah to receive his endowments.




Brigham Young


Dwight Eveleth


1860 June 1


Great Salt Lake City
San Francisco, California

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Financial Matters
Indian Affairs
Temple Ordinances

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G.S.L. City, June 1, 1860.

Elder Dwight Eveleth,
San Francisco, Cal.,

Dear Brother:-

Since writing to you, May 15, Judge Elias Smith has deposited with me $500.00 to the credit of br. M.A. Meeder, of whom br. Bull borrowed that amount to purchase paper for the Deseret News. Please inform br. Meeder of this fact, and that said sum is subject to his order, either to be credited on his tithing or made such other disposition of as he may direct. Should he wish it sent to him, it will be done by the first safe and responsible opportunity, though not by Cooper.

As I advised you on the 15th ult., I wrote to br. Wm. C. Gollaher who, in reply, informed me that he thought it would best please br. James M. Ide to have me, if convenient, so arrange as to have the $300.00 placed in my hands, subject to br. Ide's order. In accordance with br Gollaher's views on the matter, I had a conversation with br. William S. Godbe, who wished to make further payment to Redington & Co., San Francisco, and he has deposited with me $300.00 for that purpose. Under this arrangement, should it please br. Ide, having been made to meet his desires as understood by br. Gollaher, I wish you to pay to Redington & Co., Wholesale Druggists, San Francisco, on a/c of W.S. Godbe, the $300.00 left with you by br. Ide, and take their receipt therefor in favor of br. Godbe, to be forwarded by the first safe opportunity, which payment, when made, will entitle br. Ide to draw upon me for the amount thereof. I trust this arrangement may prove satisfactory, as it is perfectly safe, and, so far as I can learn, mutually accommodating--Should br. Ide wish more money deposited here, I presume I may be able to arrange it satisfactory and beneficial to him.

Camp Floyd and Frogtown are now very thinly settled, and there is a marked improvement on East Temple Street, the prominent theatre in this City, during nearly two years past, for the antics and abominations so prevalent in "modern civilization".

It is rather ludicrous that a few breech-clouted red skins should have so terrified Western Utah as to cause them to publish their weakness and folly. "Nevada's" boasting pretensions and averments of last fall and winter, as forwarded to Washington and heralded by penny trumpets, collapsed upon a very insignificant touch. What a pity their memories could not have recalled the boastings of the brief past, and prevented their exposing their imbecility and real weakness.?

Affairs, here continue to move very favorably, and the people are very busily and energetically occupied in prosecuting the varied agricultural and mechanical labors.

The weather continues cool, very favorable to wheat and grass, which are luxuriant; but our fruit crop this season will be restricted chiefly to mountain currants.

I trust that you may be able to comply with the invitation. extended to you, May 15, viz:-- to make us a visit this season, with one or more of your family, if convenient, and stay with us long enough to give us an opportunity to confer your blessings upon you, that your power for usefulness may be increased in the field where you are laboring so satisfactorily and beneficially; though be sure not to come, unless the route is quiet and you can come safely.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young