1860 June 7 Letter to William H Hooper


1860 June 7 Letter to William H Hooper


The rapid communication by telegraph and pony are gratifying. The Indians have broken the mail connection. William Hennifer was cruelly treated by Dr. Edward Covey, Ebenezer Gay and others.




Albert Carrington
Brigham Young


William H Hooper


1860 June 7


Great Salt Lake City
Washington D. C.

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Indian Affairs

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G.S.L. City, June 7, 1860.

Hon. W.H. Hooper, M.C.,
Washington, D.C.

Dear Brother:-

On Monday, 4th. inst., Presidents Young, Kimball and Wells, with a small company started on a short visit to the settlements in Cache Valley; they are expected to return during next week.

The Pony Express, on the 1st. inst, brought your very welcome favor of May 21; and the mail, June 4, your duplicate of Express letter of May 8. The Pony deprives mail matter of much of its zest in all news of importance, leaving details to be conned at leisure some two weeks or more after one is familiar with the main results. Still the rapid communication by telegraph and Pony, or by letter and Pony, whenever you feel to employ them is very gratifying, and we can all the more patiently wait for the detail filling from letters and newspapers by mail.

Of course we are fully aware that you labored for the right to the best of your judgment and ability in the matter of the Utah appointments, as in all other cases, but the "result" has in noway disappointed us, for we think that we clearly foresaw it, and that we very well understand "why the result has been as it is". Yet, upon your return, we shall be much pleased to hear your observations upon men and affairs, not only in relation to this point, but upon all others of interest.

We deeply regret the continued poor estate of your health, and trust that our pure mountain air and a warm welcome home will have a salutary effect, assured that you will hasten to benefit by their restorative powers at your very earliest period of release.

From the 'News' of this week you will learn that, up to our latest date from the west, the mail still fails to connect between Diamond Springs and Carson. It is expected that Major
Egan, who is now out for that purpose, will be able to restore the links struck out by Indian depredations.

Three companies of dragoons passed through this city to-day, on their way to some point near Fort Hall.

You will find in the 'News' of June 6, and in the 'Mountaineer' of the 2nd, the former being the fullest through increased information, an account of the disgustingly cowardly and inhuman treatment received by William Hennifer at the hands of Dr. Edward N. Covey and 2nd Lt. Ebenezer Gay, U.S.A., assisted by others of the command and in its employ. Depositions concerning the affair, are being taken, as persons arrive who witnessed it, which it is designed to forward so soon as they can be made out.

The weather continues unusually cloudy, showery, and cool, causing wheat, grass and many other products to grow very luxuriantly.

Your family are well, as are also your friends generally, and home affairs continue to progress in favor of the great cause in which we are enlisted.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Albert Carrington,

By order of Pres. Brigham Young.