1860 June 14 Letter to William H. Hooper


1860 June 14 Letter to William H. Hooper


Brigham recently returned from Cache Valley. He hopes that Hooper will return to Utah by July 24. An update is given on the the ox train.




Brigham Young


William H. Hooper


1860 June 14


Great Salt Lake City
Washington D. C.

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G.S.L. City, June 14, 1860.

Hon. W.H. Hooper, M.C.,
Washington, D.C.,

Dear Brother:-

The Pony of the 8th inst. brought neither letter nor news, so far as I have heard; and the mail on the 12th brought only the duplicate of yours of May 15; to which I have previously replied, which leaves May 21 the latest date from you, the receipt of which has also been acknowledged.

I have this afternoon <(6-1/2 O. Clock)> returned from a very pleasant excursion to the settlements in Cache Valley and those intermediate. We found the brethren very cheerful and busy, and their stock, wheat, and grass looking remarkably well, with a present fair prospect for an excellent yield of the other usual products.

By letter from Capt. Gibson, May 21, I learn that on that date Elders Lyman, Rich and company were at Laramie, in good health and spirits, and making good progress. The oxtrain, Capt. Joseph W. Young, I have been told was on Deer Creek at about the same date, which, if so, is doing very well.

The latest eastern papers, Washington, May 16, N.Y., May 19, contain no news attracting attention, except Senator Douglas' speech, which I have not had time to read. From all I can gather, President-making seems to be the order of the day, to the almost entire exclusion of Congressional business. Should the Senate concur with the House to adjourn on the 18th inst., you will have time to join us in our festivities of July 24 in Big Cottonwood Canon, which we trust you will be enabled to do, for we are sanguine and very hopeful that our mountain cheer and breezes will restring your overlashed system. Still it will be requisite to exercise all possible care and prudence against over-exertion and anxiety, and not trust too much to the recuperating influences of home, be they ever so sanative.

No further items of moment in home affairs, save what you will find in our papers.

Your family and friends are well.
God bless you.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young