1860 June 21 Letter to James T. Derrickson


1860 June 21 Letter to James T. Derrickson


Derrickson's letter arrived too late to purchase articles from him. Captain Gibson already left for the States so the letter intended for him could not be forwarded.




Brigham Young


James T. Derrickson


1860 June 21


Great Salt Lake City
30 Beekman Street, New York


Business Matters

Item sets

G.S.L. City, June 21, 1860.

Mr. James T. Derrickson,
30 Beekman Street, New York City,

Sir:-Your letter of May 9, with inclosed list of articles for which you are Agent, and an inclosed open letter from Mr. John Priestly to Capt. W.M. Gibson, has been perused. Capt. Gibson left here for the States, April 27, which precluded my delivering Mr. Priestly's letter to him.

On the 2nd of April Gen'l H.S. Eldredge started to the States on business, among which is the purchase of a paper machine. I am advised that he reached St. Louis on the 13th of May, and probably ere this has closed his purchases, or made
definite arrangements for so doing. Had this not been the case it is presumable that the parties concerned would have been pleased to have referred Genl. Eldridge to you.

Should we at any time wish to purchase articles in your line, it will give me pleasure to refer my friends to you, ere they make their purchases.


Brigham Young