1860 June 28 Letter to Nathaniel V. Jones and Jacob Gates


1860 June 28 Letter to Nathaniel V. Jones and Jacob Gates


A request to financially assist Elder Louis Bertrand. Utah is experiencing peace and prosperity. George Cannon will assume management of the Millennial Star.




Brigham Young


Nathaniel V. Jones
Jacob Gates


1860 June 28


Great Salt Lake City
Islington, Liverpool, England

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Missionary Work
Financial Matters

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G.S.L. City, June 28, 1860.

Presidents N.V. Jones and Jacob Gates,
42 Islington, Liverpool, England,

Dear Brethren:-I am informed by Elder Louis A. Bertrand, under date May 3; that he is somewhat straitened for means to enable him to prosecute the labors of his mission. I have, under even date, advised him that he is authorized to request of you such assistance as may be strictly and economically necessary to free his hands, and wish you to honor his requests of that nature, so far as may be consistent, and also to use a judicious supervising inspection and restriction over such amounts as he may notify you he stands in need of. This is but just, as you are accountable for the funds in your charge in the Liverpool Office and in your Presidency. It is possible that Elders A. Lyman and C.C. Rich will arrive in Liverpool Office before his letter reaches you, in which case action under the foregoing advice in relation to br. Bertrand will devolve upon them.

The 'News' and 'Mountaineer" furnish you a record of transpiring home events, which, since the departure of most of the army, are rapidly resuming their former even and commendable tenor. The people are very generally healthful, cheerful, and prosperous, and are prosecuting their various labors with such energy that a loafer is, again, seldom seen. Many buildings are being erected, more substantial and ornamental fences are being put up around city lots, many new and strong settlements are made and making, especially in Cache and Sanpete valleys, the nail factory is ready for operation, and the people are so busily and pleasingly occupied that evil spirits find their vocation materially curtailed in our mountain home.

Wheat, grass, and other products are growing luxuriantly, and prospects are excellent for an abundant harvest.

I deem it best for you to omit taking out shipping papers, as there will probably be no occasion for their use until after the arrival of Elder George Q. Cannon, whom it is contemplated to place in charge of the business of the Liverpool Office, and to devolve upon him the editorship and management of the Mil. Star.

I have drawn upon Pres. A. Calkin No 169, for £8.0.0, favor of Samuel Taylor, Royton Road, near Oldham, Lancashire, also No.170, for £31.9.7, favor of Gilbert Clements, G.S.L. City, which please pay according to tenor of drafts

May God bless you in your labors and duties, and enable you to fill your missions with honor to yourselves, to your brethren, and to the advancement of His cause upon the Earth.

Your Brother in the gospel,

In relation to br. Bertrand, probably a half pound a week, at the most, will be amply sufficient for all necessary purposes.

Brigham Young