1860 June 28 Letter to Louis A. Bertrand


1860 June 28 Letter to Louis A. Bertrand


Although public preaching is limited the Lord will widen the sphere of influence. Prudent financial assistance is granted and updates are given on Utah's progress.




Brigham Young


Louis A. Bertrand


1860 June 28


Great Salt Lake City
Cahuss'ee, Clignancourt 16, Paris

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G.S.L. City, June 28, 1860.

Elder Louis A. Bertrand,
Cahuss'ee, Clignancourt 16, Paris,

Dear Brother:-By your previous letters I learned that your opportunities for publicly preaching the gospel were very limited, as was anticipated, but this probably does not interfere with your fireside and other preaching and conversing as opportunity may offer, by which you can be instrumental in doing much good, and the Lord, in His time, will widen your sphere of usefulness through your faithfulness. And from yours of May 3 I learn that such already begins to be your experience, and through much patience and living near to God, in humility and faith relying upon Him, you will be blest in accomplishing the desires of your heart in righteousness.

In regard to rendering you such assistance as you may strictly need to enable you to attend to the object of your mission, I have, by this mail, forwarded instructions to Elders N.V. Jones and J. Gates, Presiding in Liverpool, to honor your request for aid so far as may be consistent, feeling assured that you will make no requests of that nature to a greater degree than your circumstances and wisdom in your case will warrant.

Affairs here continue to progress in favor of the truth, and the people very generally are buoyant in spirits and remarkably energetic in the prosecution of their various industrial avocations. Much is being done in erecting new buildings and putting up more slightly and substantial fences around City lots. The past severe winter and the late Spring frosts deprived us of fruit for this season, except strawberries, currants, and apples, but all kinds of vegetation are now flourishing luxuriantly, and we have excellent prospects for an abundant harvest.

The people generally enjoy good health, and are spirited in their efforts to accomplish the work for which we have been gathered to the mountains.

Praying for your welfare, that of the brethren of the French mission, and of all who desire to know and walk in the path of integrity and uprightness before our God I remain,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young