1860 June 28 Letter to Nelson Gavit


1860 June 28 Letter to Nelson Gavit


Brigham requests a sketch of the building size needed to house the paper machine and an explanation of the increased price and weight of the machine.




Brigham Young


Nelson Gavit


1860 June 28


Great Salt Lake City
Philadelphia, PA

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G.S.L. City, June 28, 1860.

Mr. Nelson Gavit,
Philadelphia, Pa.,

Sir:-Yours of March 24 and April 12 came to hand, but their receipt was not acknowledged by first returning mails, as Gen'l H.S. Eldredge had previously started to the States with full instructions from parties concerned, in relation to matters of business intrusted by them to his care.

By bill for a 36 inch cylinder machine, furnished to Gen'l Eldredge over your signature, Feb 8, 1859, I am informed that said machine, with every thing "necessary to make and finish paper complete," would cost at your factory some $4120.00, and weigh some 20250 pounds. By later advices I learn that the machine purchased of you by Gen'l Eldredge cost from $7000 to $8000, and weighs from 40,000 to 50,000 pounds.

In yours of March 24 I find that you specify the building for a 36 inch cylinder machine, the one you billed as above named, as follows:--80 feet long with two stories, and one storey 100 feet long. If the length of the building is to exceed estimates as much as have the cost and weight, it will be impossible for the parties here to prepare a building in readiness for putting up the machine

You now know the size of machine purchased, &c., &c., and if you will be so kind as to furnish a pen sketch of the requisite building, as in yours of March 24, and such other specifications as may occur to you for expediting its erection in readiness for the machinery, I shall be able to materially advance the operations of the parties here. And an explanation of the greatly increased amounts in price and weight will oblige,

Yours Respectfully,

Brigham Young