1860 July 4 Letter to John D. Lee


1860 July 4 Letter to John D. Lee


If motives are kept right, mistakes will be overruled for good. Lee is at liberty to settle where he desires.




Brigham Young


John D. Lee


1860 July 4


Great Salt Lake City
Harmony, Washington County, U. T.



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G.S.L. City, July 4th, 1860.

Elder John D. Lee,
Harmony, Washington Co., U.T.

Dear Brother:-

Yours of May 25 and June 8 are before me, having arrived at our nearly the same time. I am not aware that I expressed myself as displeased with you, as you write that br. Davis told you, though very probably he, in all honesty, may have so understood. Mistakes caused by strong desires or ardent wishes, or in whatever manner made, can always be easily overlooked, and can generally be easily adjusted, let the past suffice on that point, and ever keep your motives right before the Lord and you will be blest of Him, and the mistakes and weaknesses incident to human nature will be overruled for good.

You are at full liberty to make a settlement where and as you propose, and I trust that both settlements will prosper, and be built up and flourish without those bickerings and animosities that are yet more frequent than could be wished.

Affairs here are moving prosperously, and there is promise of an excellent harvest.

The exercises of the 4th are thus proceeding in a manner very satisfactory, the particulars of which you will see in the 'News' and 'Mountaineer,'

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young