1860 July 5 Letter to Mary W. Y. Ray


1860 July 5 Letter to Mary W. Y. Ray


Ray is asking for an excessive amount of property which would hinder her husband from providing for her. She is counseled to remain in Utah.




Brigham Young


Mary W. Y. Ray


1860 July 5


Great Salt Lake City
Fillmore, U. T.

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Domestic Dispute

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G.S.L. City, July 5, 1860.

Mrs. Mary W.Y. Ray,
Fillmore, U.T.,

I have attentively perused your letter to me, June 22, and reply at the earliest convenience permitted by other duties.

Br. Ray, so far as I am acquainted with him and can discern, is a very kind, good man, and one whose endeavors are to do right and benefit his fellow beings. You have passed many years with him in the intimate and endearing relationship of husband and wife, and with him have been blest in rearing a numerous family. I have much experience in the varieties of dispositions and temperaments in the human family and the seemingly slow progress many very good people among us make towards attaining perfect unity upon all points of our faith, and therefore am not surprised that there still exists some unpleasant feelings in reference to an institution revealed by our Father in heaven to greatly enlarge the number and sphere of our present and eteral blessings. I am, therefore, not surprised at your statement of your feelings, but certainly think that your views in relation to the amount of property you require from br. Ray, differ somewhat from what appears to me to be right under the circumstances, as I also think you will readily discern upon careful reflection.

Upon maturely considering the matter I think you cannot fail to readily admit that br. Ray has borne the brunt of caring and providing for yourself and children since your marriage, and that you will see at once that now calling upon him for the large amount you mention would not only be very disproportionate, and much more than you really need at any one time, but would also very seriously cripple him in his efforts to further provide for yourself and children and the remainder of his family, which it is not probable that you really wish to do. I can not doubt that br. Ray is willing and anxious to suitably provide for you and your children, so far as his means and other just requirements will enable him to do. I trust that such a course may prove satisfactory to you.

Sister Ray:-- Mormonism is true, it is the gospel of salvation. And, if you desire to live apart from your husband, my advice to you is to remain in the Territory, teach your children the principles of the great plan of salvation, and strive in common with all who love the truths revealed for our temporal and spiritual welfare to live in the enjoyment of that Spirit which leadeth to eternal life. For your being enabled so to do, you have the prayers of your

Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young