1860 July 11 Letter to Charles Shelton


1860 July 11 Letter to Charles Shelton


Counsel not to be overly anxious about his debt to the church but to continue to work hard to pay it back.




Brigham Young


Charles Shelton


1860 July 11


Great Salt Lake City
Moroni, Sanpete County, U. T.


Financial Matters

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G.S.L. City, July 9, 1860.

Elder Charles Shelton,
Moroni, Sanpete Co., U.T.,

Dear Brother:-In relation to your indebtedness to the Church, it is not advisable for you to permit it to harrass your feelings or depress your spirits and efforts, for that will tend to weaken your hands. I presume you have used all reasonable exertion, consistent with your circumstances, to pay what you already have; and I do not feel to doubt but that you will continue so to do, until you are again free from debt. In the meantime I wish you to feel assured that you will not be unduly crowded for payment, so long as your motives and conduct continue in the right direction.

I presume Bishop Bradley will exercise his best judgement to accomodate you in common with your brethren with proportionally equal and all possible facilities as to land, water, &c., for building up a flourishing and happy settlement.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young