1860 July 21 Letter to C. W. West


1860 July 21 Letter to C. W. West


A request to settle an account with Sister Pingree.




Brigham Young


C. W. West


1860 July 21


Great Salt Lake City
Ogden City, Weber Co. U. T.


Financial Matters

Item sets

G.S.L. City, July 21, 1860.

Bp. C.W. West,
Ogden City, Weber Co., U.T.,

Dear Brother:-Sister Job Pingree has a draft from the Liverpool Office, which she presented, a short time back, for payment. One hundred dollars in money was paid to her on the draft, with the agreement on her part that br. Pingree's indebtedness to you should be liquidated, before another payment would be made on said draft by this Office.

Will you be so kind as to converse with Sister Pingree on the subject, settle your a/c with br. Pingree, and inform me what is due Sister Pingree, if anything, after deducting the $100 cash and your a/c from the draft? We will settle with you for the amount br. Pingree is indebted to you, if you will so arrange the matter, and by so doing oblige,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young