1860 August 6 Letter to Lorin Farr


1860 August 6 Letter to Lorin Farr


Brigham stands by the decision of the High Council concerning a dispute in Ogden.




Brigham Young


Lorin Farr


1860 August 6


Great Salt Lake City
Ogden City



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G.S.L. City, August 6, 1860.

Pres. Lorin Farr,
Ogden City,

Dear Brother:
Br. Roylance this morning left in my office "minutes of a trial before the High Council of the Weber Stake of Zion, on July 14, 1860, in the City Hall, Ogden City. Thomas Bingham vs William Roylance, Grant Campbell, and William Campbell."

The question at issue on said trial is a very small matter with which to have troubled the time and attention of so many. There were only some thirty odd trees in dispute, including large and small, good, bad, and indifferent; and over them your President and one of his Counselors, your High council, the four parties and three witnesses were required to occupy quite a portion of a day in a busy season, beside, doubtless, several spectators, and some having traveled from Ogden Hole. At this rate, how much do you think each tree has cost? to say nothing of any ill feelings that may have been engendered. Timber at best, is scarce and dear enough in this country, but so much fuss about so small a number of trees makes it entirely too high priced for any economical or prudent use.

We have considered the aforesaid "Minutes," and have decided to strike out the high dudgeon of the parties, and to let the decision of Pres. L. Farr and the High Council remain as it was given on the trial.

Your Brethren in the Gospel,

Brigham Young
Heber C. Kimball
Daniel H Wells

The "Minutes" are inclosed.