1860 August 9 Letter to Peter Schuttler


1860 August 9 Letter to Peter Schuttler


The financial note on Staines, Needham, & Co. was collected and the money will be forwarded when a safe opportunity arises.


Financial/Legal Matters


Brigham Young


Peter Schuttler


1860 August 9


Great Salt Lake City
Chicago, Illinois


Financial Matters
Legal Matters

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G.S.L. City, August 9, 1860.

Mr. Peter Schuttler,
Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Sir:--

After the exhaustion of the law's delay, by C.A. and E.H. Perry to the utmost of their own, and their Attorney's skills, I am happy to inform you that the payment of the last of the notes you sent to me for collection was, on the 4th inst., secured on the firm of Staines, Needham, & Co., payable on the 1st of October next. This, through watchful vigilance, was fortunately accomplished just in time, for I am informed that on the same day, or soon thereafter, the Messr's Perry put all their property here out of their hands.

Staines, Needham, & Co., pay ten percent on the note, interest added to principal on the 4th, until day of payment, Oct. 1; and may make it convenient to pay part, or the whole, before that date.

I am told that the Perry's grumbled, alleging that they were entitled to a heavy offset on account of damages through failure on your part to deliver the wagons in contract time, but were cited to you for redress, as no cognizance of such demand could be taken here.

When paid, your money will be forwarded by the first reliable opportunity, which I trust will be as acceptable to you as it will be gratifying to,

Very Respectfully,
Your Friend,

Brigham Young

I trust that you will be able to so manage as to collect your debts in the States, for all honest business men pay their debts when able, and to compel any to pay their debts causes them to dam those who enforce payment to be their enemies.