1860 August 14 Letter to Dwight Eveleth


1860 August 14 Letter to Dwight Eveleth




Brigham Young


Dwight Eveleth


1860 August 14


Great Salt Lake City
San Francisco, California

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G.S.L. City., Aug. 14, 1860.

Elder Dwight Eveleth,
San Francisco, California,

Dear Brother:-
Your letters of June 12 and July 8 came safe to hand, the latter containing inclosed receipt for $300 paid Redington & Co. for W.S. Godbe, as per my order, agreeable to arrangement with br. William G. Gollaher.

I thought I had informed you, with sufficient explicitness, why an order from br. Gollaher was not forwarded, viz:-- the uncertainty of that description of mail matter's reaching its destination. I thought you would understand me, that you were acquainted with the uncertainty attending our postal facilities, and would discern at once the perfect safety in the course I took. You very properly paid the money, but it seems was a little frightened at so safe a departure from the usual routine of business, which I flatter myself is as thoroughly understood here as elsewhere. Should you wish, I can procure Mr. Gollaher's receipt for the three hundred dollars paid by you for Mr. Ide to him through my hands, which I presume will as safely guard against future contingencies as the order you mention would have done, and with far less risk of being pilfered from the mail or post office. As to br. Meeder's statement, as mentioned in yours of July 8, of his having "sent money to G.S.L. City several times as tithing, I find in the books one hundred dollars credited to br. Meeder on his Cash tithing, September 14, 1858, by the hands of br. Henry W. Bigler, as advised in a letter from you. The "several times" I know nothing about, and if br. Meeder has forwarded to this place more than said $100, I have only to say that he has been unfortunate in selecting the person or persons, as only that amount has ever come to hand. Judge Smith has deposited $500 with me, subject to br. Meeder's order. As I do not know br. Meeder's address, please inform him of the state of his cash tithing on our books, that he may look up those who have failed to deliver money he has intrusted to them for us, if such there be; and also of the $500 deposited for him by Judge Smith.

The wheat harvest is yielding very liberal returns, and much hay is being secured. Corn and other products yet to mature look promisingly.

Our Delegate, Hon. W.H. Hooper, and Elders George Q. Cannon, and H.S. Eldredge arrived from the States on the 13th inst., and report our immigration getting along remarkably well and in very good season. The first company arrived last week.

There is nothing of current interest to note, further than you will glean from our papers. Good health generally prevails, and all things continue to be overruled for the advancement of truth.

Pay us a visit, with such portion of your family as convenient, as soon as may be consistent.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young