1860 August 16 Letter to Walter M. Gibson


1860 August 16 Letter to Walter M. Gibson


The emigration is progressing favorably. W. H. Hooper, George Cannon and H. S. Eldredge arrived in Utah. The citizens are busily engaged in the seasons work.




Brigham Young


Walter M. Gibson


1860 August 16


Great Salt Lake City
New York City, New York

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G.S.L. City, Aug. 16, 1860.

Captain Walter M. Gibson,
Care of Mess'rs Willard & Howe,
98 Broadway, New York City, N.Y.,

Dear Brother:-Your very welcome and highly interesting letters of July 1 and 25 are before me, the perusal of which afforded us much gratification, as did also your letter from Laramie. I rejoice with you in the prosperity which attended yourself and company across the plains and which has continued with you all, so far as heard from. I am also pleased that you met so cordial a reception from your relatives and former associates, and that your very judicious course bids fair to result in good to all who will give heed to your teachings and example.

Affairs here are not particularly characterized, since your departure, by any material change, further than the change of seasons affects the channels in which an energetic and industrious population expend their thoughts and energies. A very productive wheat harvest is being secured, also a large amount of hay; and corn and other growing products promise an excellent yield. Much is also being done in erecting buildings and making other substantial improvements, not only in this city, but, so far as I learn, in all our settlements.

Camp Floyd has sunk to so low an insignificance that even a thought of it seldom obtrudes, and it is only mentioned at long intervals. I understand that a few recruits are expected soon to arrive.

Our Delegate (Hon. W.H. Hooper) and Elders G.Q. Cannon and H.S. Eldredge arrived on the 13th inst., in the enjoyment of excellent health and spirits, except that br. Eldredge was somewhat wearied, which rest will soon remedy. The first company of this season's immigration arrived on the 9th, and the companies still out were in good time and making good progress, at latest dates.

Money continues scarce, and foreign traders are daily growing more disconsolate.

If reasonably convenient, I hope you will visit friend McKee in Wisconsin, whose address you have.

Should duty and the dictates of the Spirit to you permit, of which you can be the best judge, you are at full liberty to return home this fall, if you wish so to do.

Your sons and daughter are doing well, conduct themselves with very commendable propriety, and, so far as I am aware, are well satisfied with their associates and associations.

Praying that the blessings and protecting care of our God may constantly attend you in every good word and work, I remain

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young

Both your sons have been baptised.

Lest you should have lost or mislaid it, friend McKee's address is Brandon, Fond du lac Co., Wisconsin.