1860 September 3 Letter to Joseph W. Young


1860 September 3 Letter to Joseph W. Young


Assistance is being sent to Young and his Company and instructions on how to use the fresh wagon teams.




Brigham Young


Joseph W. Young


1860 September 3


Great Salt Lake City


Overland Travel

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G.S.L. City, Sep. 3, 1860.

Elder Joseph W. Young,
En route for Utah,

Dear Brother:--

Your letter from Wood River, Aug. 4, is at hand, and I was gratified to learn that you had been so greatly blest and prospered thus far. You need no assurance that you have your faith and prayers for the welfare of yourself and company, and all that pertaineth to you in your journeying to this place; we are also showing our faith by our works. On the 4th inst. I start two teams to your assistance,; br. Wells also starts two teams at the same time for the same purpose. one his own, and one a Church team; br's Smith and Ferguson also send 1 team each; and in a few days I will send 2 more wagons with 8 or 9 yoke of oxen to your assistance.

I wish you to lighten my ten private wagons into the 2 private wagons I now send, being careful to put in the sheet iron for my sugar boilers, the two teams and wagons sent by br. Wells are at your disposal as to loading; and I presume br's Smith and Ferguson will send instructions by their teamsters to load up with their paper, at any rate I wish them to do so.

The 6 mule teams now sent will load up, with some 3000 to a wagon, and start back, as they will travel faster than your oxen. The teams will take you some flour, onions, and, if we can get them to you, a few potatoes.

Please keep me advised, at every opportunity, of your progress and welfare, and oblige,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young