1860 September 10 Letter to John D. Lee


1860 September 10 Letter to John D. Lee


Brigham is not acquainted with Nephi Stewart nor his guilt or innocence. He can overcome prejudice against him by avoiding questionable company.




Brigham Young


John D. Lee


1860 September 10


Great Salt Lake City
Washington, U. T.


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G.S.L. City, Sep. 10, 1860.

Elder John D. Lee,
Washington, U.T.,

Dear Brother:-I have perused your letter of the 9th ult., in relation to Nephi Stewart, &c. I am not acquainted with Stewart, but I am informed by persons living in Provo, that he was pardoned by the Governor, in 1852 or 3, or about that time, when he was wearing "jewelry" for, as alleged, improperly dealing in stock, or something of that kind.

Whether that sentence was right or wrong, the proper course for Nephi to have taken would have been to have so ordered his conduct, conversation, and companionship as to not only have steered clear of the entanglement he now appears to be in, but to have lived above suspicion, which certainly would have been the case, had he not at any time, since his pardon, associated with any bad or questionable company. How far he may be guilty of the allegations now against him, of course I am entirely unable to say, knowing nothing of the circumstances, and having heard the statements of only one side. But whether guilty or innocent, the only course of Nephi is to so live as to live down what is past by good conduct in the future, by doing which, and by that course alone, will prejudice, if any exists against him, be done away. There is no law against doing good, but the way of transgressors is beginning to be rather hard in Utah; and almost any other place is better than this for those who prefer evil to good.

While Nephi has a wife here and in the States, is associating with this and that questionable character, and his conduct is in many instances reported to be very questionable, it is no wonder that what some call prejudice should exist against him, and, as before stated, without a radical change, how is that prejudice to pass away?

Affairs here are progressing favorably for the truth and those who love it, and our immigration is arriving in good season and in very general good health and spirits.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young