1860 September 25 Joseph W. Young


1860 September 25 Joseph W. Young


Recommendations on which route to take.




Brigham Young


Joseph W. Young


1860 September 25


Great Salt Lake City


Overland Travel

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G.S.L. City, Sep. 25, 1860.

Joseph W. Young,

Dear Brother:-I send this letter by the bearers Brs Frank B. Woolley and Benjamin Stringham the former to meet his father, and the latter to assist in herding the Cattle. You can do as you like about coming down Chalk Creek, you went up through there last spring, consequently you know more about it than we do; according to our knowledge we should recommend you to come down Echo, turn and go up the Weber River, as far as Silver Creek, then leave Weber, and go right through to Parley's Park. Bishop Thos. Collister of the 17 Ward has been there with hands to work the road, and will most likely have it done by the time you get there; if the road is not finished stop and let the Cattle rest, and assist in finishing it, you will have the best of feed and water for the Cattle all the way, also fuel. By no means come over the Big Mountain, it uses the Cattle up more to come from Weber than the rest of the  ourney, as there is nothing for them to eat that way.

Brigham Young