1860 September 25 Instructions to Orson and Erastus Snow


1860 September 25 Instructions to Orson and Erastus Snow


Instructions are given on directing the mission and keeping financial records.




Brigham Young
Heber C Kimball
Daniel H Wells


Orson Snow
Erastus Snow


1860 September 25


Great Salt Lake City

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President's Office,
G.S.L. City, Sep. 25, 1860.

Instructions to Elder Orson Pratt, Sen., and Erastus Snow.

Dear Brethren:-You are appointed to a mission in the States east of the Rocky Mountains, and are authorized to take charge of the mission in those States and the Canadas, to appoint and regulate Conferences, to organize Branches and instruct them, to dictate the missionaries within your presidency as to their several fields of labor and their operations therein, to preach the gospel, and otherwise to attend to the duties pertaining to your office and calling in the presidency to which you are appointed.

Your authority to assign the missionaries in your presidency to certain locations, districts, or regions, and to change the same as you may be dictated by the Spirit, is under no restriction except as to br. McAllister; and any other that may hereafter be designated by us; and also extends to those who are going chiefly on business, but have written certificates, so far as they may have time and disposition to attend to labors in the ministry. We wish you to appoint Elder J.D.T. McAllister to the presidency and charge of the Branch in Philadelphia.

You will keep a correct account of all tithing and other Church monies that may come into your hands, and from time to time report the same to this Office, holding the disposal of all such monies strictly subject to counsel from this Office, except so far as necessity may compel you to make an econominal use of a portion, which, should such emergency arise, must also be made an account of.

Elders Nathaniel V. Jones and Jacob Gates have been instructed to come to the States in time to purchase teams and attend to the affairs pertaining to our immigration, which will leave you entirely free to travel, preach, counsel, and instruct as the Spirit may dictate.

That you may be abundantly blest in all your efforts to do good, magnify your calling, honor our God, and be greatly instrumental in spreading His work upon the earth is the prayer of,

Your Brethren in the Gospel,

Brigham Young
Heber C. Kimball
Daniel H Wells