1860 September 20 Letter to Jacob Gates


1860 September 20 Letter to Jacob Gates


Brother Whites money was used to emigrate the poor. A company of missionaries will leave on the 25th.




Brigham Young


Jacob Gates


1860 September 20


Liverpool, England
Great Salt Lake City

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G.S.L. City, Sep. 20, 1860

Elder Jacob Gates,
42 Islington, Liverpool, England,

Dear Brother:--
Two letters bearing date July 20, one signed by yourself and one by yourself and Betsy White, are at hand.

I read the portion pertaining to the £45, to br. J.D. Ross. He said that the £40 which he got from br. White were expended for emigrating his father-in-law, br. Smith, who was present and sanctioned the statement. Br. Ross also exhibited some $17.00, which he declared was all the money he and his wife had, and that they merely had clothing comfortable as to quantity and kinds.

I shall endeavor to have br's Smith and Ross pay the £40 in season to help br. White emigrate next year, and hope they will be able to do so. I shall also see br. Budge, upon his arrival, concerning the £5 he had out of the £45. Please inform br. White that, so far as I can learn, £40 of his money has been used to emigrate the poor, for which I trust, through faithfulness, he will receive his reward, and also that amount remunerated by the parties concerned, to enable him to emigrate, or, should he not need it, to help others to emigrate.

Elders Orson Pratt and George Q. Cannon, Hon. W. Hooper, and a goodly company of missionaries expect to leave here for their various fields of labor, on or about the 25th. inst.

The crops are good, weather pleasant, and home affairs prosperous.

So far as I know, the health of your family and friends is good, as is also that of the people generally.

Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young