1860 September 25 Letter to Peter Schuttler


1860 September 25 Letter to Peter Schuttler


Brigham secured the last payment from Staines, Needham & Co. The money will be forward with the company of missionaries leaving tomorrow.




Brigham Young


Peter Schuttler


1860 September 25


Great Salt Lake City
Chicago, Illinois


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G.S.L. City, Sep. 25, 1860.

Mr. Peter Schuttler,
Chicago, Illinois.

Sir:-- Yours of Aug. 18 is at hand, and was anticipated by my letter to you, on the 9th of August, which I presume you have long ere this received. As I therein advised you, after the law's delay I succeeded in securing the payment of the last Perry note, principal and interest to the 4th of August last, on the Firm of Staines, Needham, & Co., who were to pay that amount on the 1st of October next, with 10 per cent interest from August 4 to Oct. 1. As the Hon. W.H. Hooper, Elders Orson Pratt, Erastus Snow, and George Q. Cannon, with some others, are on the eve of starting East, affording the first reliable opportunity for transmitting money or drafts, I enquired of Mess'rs Staines, Needham, & Co. whether it was convenient for them to make the payment a few days before the date agreed upon, and learned that they could not conveniently meet it, even at maturity. Upon learning this, and having confidence in their ability, and presuming that you need the money, and not knowing that another safe opportunity for remitting will occur until next Spring, I now forward, by the hands of Mr. George Q. Cannon, a draft on our Liverpool Office, England, for the face of the note $3000 and 10 per cent interest ($454 29/100) to date, Sep. 25, amounting to $3454 29/100

That this may prove satisfactory, and that in future you will be so fortunate in the transaction of your business as not to want to call upon me to attend to the unpleasant task of collecting debts for you, is the wish of,


Brigham Young