1860 September 26 Letter to Joseph and Charlotte Humphreys


1860 September 26 Letter to Joseph and Charlotte Humphreys


The Humphrey's daughter accompanied William Hooper's family to Washington D. C.




Brigham Young


Charlotte Humphreys
Joseph Humphreys


1860 September 26


Great Salt Lake City



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G.S.L. City, Sep. 26, 1860.

Brother Joseph and Sister Charlotte Humphreys,

En route for this City:-- Your daughter Eliza has for some time been living in the family of the bearer of these lines, Hon. W.H. Hooper, our Delegate in Congress, and expresses herself much pleased with her situation; and br. Hooper and his family feel and act very kindly toward her, and desire her to accompany them to Washington, D.C., remain with them during their stay there, and return with them next Spring. I have thought this to be an excellent arrangement for the welfare of your daughter, so much so that we concluded it best for her to start with br. Hooper and his family, but for br. Hooper to take you this letter, that, in case you should be opposed to her going on with them, she could return with you.

The idea of her being absent until next season may at first disappoint your anticipations, but your daughter Eliza has an excellent situation in br. Hooper's family, and, should she return with you, may not soon find another so mutually pleasant and useful. Should you consent to your daughter's proceeding on her journey, you will highly gratify her and br. Hooper and his family, and oblige,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young