1860 September 27 Letter to George Q Cannon and William C. Hooper


1860 September 27 Letter to George Q Cannon and William C. Hooper


A request to select someone to care for the animals and property that will be used for the next emigration.




Brigham Young


George Q Cannon
William C. Hooper


1860 September 27


Great Salt Lake City


Overland Travel

Item sets

Presidents Office
G.S.L. City
Sept. 27th 1860

To Geo. Q. Cannon & Wm. C. Hooper

Dear Brethren-- upon your arrival at the Misouri River, you will select some suitable person to take charge of the animals and other property which will be turned over to the Church.

We have thought of Bro. Bennett of San Pete as a proper person to attend to this business, but of this your experience with him upon the downward trip will make you the best capable of judging:

The particular place where they shall be kept is also left to your discretion, but should be selected with a view to safety and the cheapness of Forage.

Whoever is left in charge will necessarily need some funds which you should arrange for, either by draft or otherwise, before you leave the frontiers. You will therefore please see to this matter and instruct the Brother who shall be left in charge as he shall need from time to time that the property so left in his charge may be safely cared for and is good condition for next seasons operations.

Yours as ever in the Gospel of Christ

Brigham Young