1860 October 2 Letter to Joseph W. Young


1860 October 2 Letter to Joseph W. Young


A request to travel down Big Canyon instead of Little mountain.




Brigham Young


Joseph W. Young


1860 October 2



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President's Office
Great Salt Lake City, Oct. 2nd, 1860.

Elder Joseph W. Young,

Dear Brother:-I wish you to come down Big Kanyon Creek kanyon, instead of over the Little Mountain, for the road down said kanyon is better than it is down Emigration kanyon, and about five miles nearer, and you save hauling over any mountain. Br. Wells has lately traveled both the roads mentioned, and says the Big Kanyon road is full as good or better than the other, and, as before stated, certainly saves both distance and mountain. It will be well to keep your spare hands ahead, and let them fix such bad places as they may find, and you will be out of the mountains and in the valley by the time you would reach the foot of the Little Mountain.

Brigham Young