1860 October 9 Letter to J. H. Ridges


1860 October 9 Letter to J. H. Ridges


Men can assist a bishop without being ordained to an official position.




Brigham Young


J. H. Ridges


1860 October 9


Spanish Fork
Great Salt Lake City


Church Leadership

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G.S.L. City, Oct. 9, 1860.

Elder J.H. Ridges,
Spanish Fork,

Dear Brother:-Pertaining to your letter of Oct. 4, at the time br. Franklin W. Young was ordained a Bishop, he asked the privilege of choosing his Counsellors, as he was aware several others had been permitted to do, which was granted, and he chose myself and br. Kimball; and should he choose another person and ordain him as his counsellor, it is quite probable that he is fearful one of his present counselors might withdraw. This, however, does not prevent Bishop Young's calling to his assistance one or two other persons whenever circumstances may require, without conferring an ordination upon the person or persons so selected to assist him. This is a subject that I have not conversed with Bishop Young upon, but so far as it relates to your settling in Payson, as talked about by you and me, it will make no difference, for you will have ample opportunity for doing all the good in your power, and the benefit of your information and judgement will, doubtless at any time and at all times be at hand to assist, and sustain bishop Young, whenever he may feel to call it to his aid. Good men in a Ward, whether operating in a public or private capacity, are always a rich acquisition and in striving to be and do good, can constantly develop the spirit within them and increase in their portion of the Spirit which is from above.

We do not feel to decline counseling Bishop Young, whenever he may wish for our counsel, nor to dictate him to select other counselors in our places, but press of business or other circumstances may, at some future time, incline him to select one or both of his counselors from among residents in Payson, that he may not be hindered to consult us, except in matters of some moment.

Gratified with your frank expression of your readiness "to go, stay, or otherwise," and trusting that, through faithfulness, you may ever be able to closely follow the dictates of the Spirit of our God and the counsel of his servants, I remain,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young