1860 October 11 Letter to Dan Jones


1860 October 11 Letter to Dan Jones


A request for Jones to ferry travelers across the Jordan river while the bridge is under construction.




Brigham Young


Dan Jones


1860 October 11


Great Salt Lake City
Provo, U. T.


Building and Construction

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G.S.L. City, Oct. 11, 1860.

Elder Dan Jones,
Provo, U.T.,

Dear Brother:-We are about to build a new bridge across Jordan river, to do which we wish to remove the old one, and in so doing will need a ferry boat to accommodate the traveling public, for which reason I wish you, if possible, so soon as you receive this note, or as soon thereafter as you can, to draw out the ferry boat you have in Utah Lake, upon some spot easy of approach for a wide track wagon, and turn it up so that it will be drying, for I wish to haul it here and use it until the new bridge is ready for travel,

Your attention to the above will oblige,
Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young

P.S. Please to notify me forthwith of the situation of the boat.