1860 October 11 Letter to George Q Cannon


1860 October 11 Letter to George Q Cannon


Details are given on financial drafts.




Brigham Young


George Q Cannon


1860 October 11


Great Salt Lake City


Financial Matters

Item sets

President's Office,

Great Salt Lake City, Oct 11, 1860.
Elder George Q. Cannon,

Dear Brother:
Sister Mary Birch of this city has rents coming to her from her son, Wm.
Birch, builder, Markley village, Worcestershire, England; to amount of £10.0.0, per annum, She has received the amount, through the Liverpool Office, <regularly> in half yearly payments, up to January 1st, 1860.

Please have the president of that Conference call upon Mr. Birch for the rents of the present year. She has instructed her son to pay it to him.

I have drawn upon you the following drafts.
No 171 for £4.0.0, favor of Chas. Housely, at Mr Ringwood's Chandlers Hill, Wymondham, Norfolk.
No 172 for £9.0.0 favor of John H. Davis, Allturn, Pontardawe, near Swansea, Glamorganshire, South Wales.
No 173 for £5.3.4 favor of Wm Cluff, Missionary.
No 174 for £712.4.6 favor of Peter Schuttler, Chicago, U.S.
No 175 for £ ---- - --- ----- - - - - - - - per G.Q. Cannon
No 176 for £16.0.0 favor of F. Phister. United States, (6 months)
No 177 for £11.15.0 favor of T.W. Ellerbeck.
No 178 for £35.1.0 favor of Wm Pyper

Please return Draft No 156. for £4.0.0, as the person in whose favor it was drawn has arrived here, and been paid the amount.
I intend drawing upon you in a few days, for about $7500.00 <(£1546.7.10> in favor of N.S. Ranzohoff & Co., payable about January 1st, 1861.

Your Bro. in the Gospel

Brigham Young