1860 November 8 Letter to Amasa Lyman and Charles C Rich


1860 November 8 Letter to Amasa Lyman and Charles C Rich


Tithing payment is voluntary. A Missionary Fund is established to support missionaries and their families. Sending ox trains from Salt Lake was successful and will allow an increase in immigration.




Brigham Young


Amasa Lyman
Charles C Rich


1860 November 8


Great Salt Lake City
Liverpool, England

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G.S.L. City, Nov. 8, 1860.

Elders Amasa Lyman and Charles C. Rich,
42 Islington, Liverpool, England,

Dear Brotheren:-Yours of Aug. 10 and Sep. 2 and 10 are at hand, and the business portions have been duly noted.

As you have already been advised, the falling off in tithing receipts, mentioned in yours of the 10th, is not to be wondered at, in fact is what had been anticipated under the natural result of a reaction upon the removal of former local restraints and practices.

Aside from that, the pressure of the hard times in England for a time past has been severe upon the laboring classes, which tends directly to lessen the amounts from which tithing is derived. But so far as we are as yet able to learn, we continue sanguine that the voluntary plan in regard to payment of tithing will result in the most good. As past "excessive exactions", referred to by you, cease to be indulged in, and as the business of the country improves and the brethren begin to teach and clearly comprehend and practise gospel principles, the tithing receipts will continue to become more and more as they justly should be. Elders, particularly those sent from here, should understand that preaching the gospel and gathering the Saints is all the business of moment they have to attend to; and for their encouragement in so doing, that their minds may be more concentrated upon said duties, I take pleasure in informing you that we have deemed it best to here fit out our missionaries for their several fields of labor, sustain their families, so far as may be necessary, during their absence, and, if need be, assist them to return when released. This course not only frees their minds, but cuts off all pretext for oppressing any through exacting or receiving presents from those unable to make them, and precludes excuses for a lavish use of Church funds, for having food and raiment they are enabled to attend to the duties of their calling. In a few days, and in this City alone, $12,554 96/100 were subscribed to the Missionary Fund, and $7,001 50/100 paid in wood, flour, orders on the Tithing Office and stores, store goods, &c., &c., including $893 40/100 in money. This has enabled us to meet all demands as yet, and will do so for some time to come; and when a deficiency occurs we have every reason to expect it will be liberally and promptly supplied. This course, with sending teams from here to florence each season, will also have a most excellent effect to increase our immigration, and place most of the burden here to the great relief of the poor Saints abroad, Please instruct the Saints upon what we are here doing for them, and in regard to the requirements upon our missionaries, viz:-- for them to use all their energies in preaching the gospel and gathering the people, that the brethren abroad may be encouraged to continue faithful and labor also with their mights, in common with us, for their own deliverance.

On the 24th ult., in company with Pres. Wells, my brother Joseph, Col. J.C. Little, my son Brigham, and a few others, I started on a short excursion to Manti; Pres Kimball, who was unwell with a cold when I started, left home on the 28th, and overtook us at Payson. We returned on the 7th inst., have been absent a little over 14 days, and held 20 meetings. We enjoyed our trip much, and trust that our visit and teachings will have a salutary influence on the brethren in the different settlements we passed through and held meetings in. Br. Kimball's health improved during the journey. Elders Pratt, Snow, and Cannon, and company, were at Laramie on the 18 ult., all well and making good progress toward the frontiers.

In home affairs there is no change requiring particular comment, and current events you learn from the 'News.' There has been rather more sickness than usual, mostly among children, but general health is again increasing.

I have drawn on you, in favor of N.S. Ransohoff & Co., No 179, for £1654-4-2.

Your brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young