1860 November 17 Letter to Isaac C Haight


1860 November 17 Letter to Isaac C Haight


Brigham questions the large amount of Church and Territorial aid given to the Deseret Iron company.




Brigham Young


Isaac C Haight


1860 November 17


Great Salt Lake City
Cedar City, U. T.

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G.S.L. City, Nov. 17, 1860.

Elder I.C. Haight,
Cedar City, U.T.,

Dear Brother:-- Yours of Oct. 28 is at hand, and in regard to an understanding with the News Office, of the kind you mention, I was never aware of it; though I am aware that the Church and Territory have expended a very large amount of funds toward making iron in your rejion, but without success. Judge Smith states that Church funds arising from News subscriptions in iron county had been turned over to the iron company, in Dr. Richard's time, and that he had taken it for granted that it was done with a proper understanding; and under that impression he had credited the News Agency in your rejion some eight hundred and odd dollars, which has not been credited to the News Office in the Trustee in Trust's books, not yet having been presented at my office by Judge Smith. He also states that when the amount you have written about, some $1575, was presented to him to be credited to your agency, as having been paid to the Iron Company, he informed you that he could not do so without instructions to that effect. Said sum was due for subscriptions in 1857, and what the Iron Company did in that year I am yet to be advised of. But as all they ever did, with the large amount of Church and Territorial aid they received, resulted in nothing, so far as relates to producing iron, I do not discern the propriety of throwing said $1575 after so large an amount previously expended for naught, but, so far as I now know, deem it but just that you pay said amount to the News Office, and look to the Iron Company to reimburse you, as you allege that you have paid it them. Please inform me where, how, and when you paid $1575 to the Deseret Iron Company,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young