1860 November 29 Letter to R. Shelton, Richard Harper and E. Spencer


1860 November 29 Letter to R. Shelton, Richard Harper and E. Spencer


Instructions are given on filling out financial reports. The funds for the Trustee in Trust can be given to William Hooper.




Brigham Young


R. Shelton
Richard Harper
E. Spencer


1860 November 29


Great Salt Lake City
Philadelphia, PA

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Financial Affairs

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G.S.L. City, Nov 29, 1860.

Elders R. Shelton, Richard Harper, and E. Spencer,
Philadelphia, Pa.,

Dear Brethren:-Your letter of Oct. 27, and accompanying Statistical and financial reports are at hand, the contents noted, and your course, as reported, is very satisfactory.

The "Funds" termed "Church" and "Mission," in your financial report, I presume are the funds raised by contributions for local or Branch expenditures, and of course are at the disposal of the local authorities, to be disbursed in accordance with prudence and existing circumstances. I also presume that the amounts place opposite "Tithing" and "Emigration S. Fund" are Church funds proper. If the foregoing presumptions are correct, there were, on the 30th of Sep. last $127 94/100 in your hands subject to the order of the Trustee in Trust. Our Delegate, Hon W.H. Hooper, is my authorized agent for the transaction of such business as I may from time to time intrust to his care; and I wish you to pay to br. Hooper, or his order, the $127 94/100 Church funds now in your hands, and from time to time all like funds, so long as br. Hooper remains in Washington; taking receipts therefore, and forward the receipts to this office by some responsible Elder coming through. Of this arrangement I have advised br. Hooper by this mail.

In your financial report we were pleased to see receipts even though comparatively small, placed opposite "Tithing" and Emigration Fund," and it occurred to us that, if a little more attention was given to instructing the brethren on those points, those receipts might be materially increased, especially the receipts from tithing. There is no good reason why the brethren in your Branch and Conference should neglect to pay tithing, so far as consistent, any more than we should here. All are mutually interested in promoting the welfare of the cause in which we are engaged, and should do so to the best of their several abilities, in whatever fields of labor they may be operating.

So far as tithing and emigration funds come into your hands, I wish you to hold them strictly and entirely subject to my control, and pay them to br. Wm. H. Hooper, as above directed, so long as he remains in Washington, or until you are further advised from here.

You are doubtless familiar with the details of current Territorial affairs, through the Deseret News; they continue favorable to the cause of truth, and the power of her enemies is at present scarcely felt in Utah, for which great blessing we feel to constantly acknowledge the manifest kind dealings of our Father and God toward his people.

Praying for the blessings of the Almighty to attend you in every effort to do good and roll on His work, I remain,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young